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Facebook Group | I Am Indigo

From the page:

Name: I Am Indigo
Type: Common Interest - Philosophy

Description:  Indigo children are "Children of the New Age", born in overwhelming numbers in the 80s, 90s and present. Indigos are incredibly deep, soulful people meant to bring peace to society. Characteristics of Indigo children include:
--A disgust toward authority figures
--Intense inner power
--Very accepting, but despises ignorance
--A "Wise beyond your years" air
--May have had problems with depression as a teen
--Intense sensitivity and fragility
--A true feeling of frustration and "no one understands me" attitudes
--Emotional; cries "at the drop of a hat."
--Either extreme empathy or no empathy
--Highly intelligent
--Deep, wise-looking eyes
--Intensely spirtual

As of this posting, this site, while with some information, doesn't have as much activity.  I haven't engaged in this group much.

Link here.