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From the description

The term Indigo in the title refers to the "Indigo Children."

This is intended for people who are of a higher mind, those wishing to develop their higher mind, or those who simply wish to follow the posts of those who are.

In other words, This is primarily for those people who wish to put forth their philosophies and beliefs to others.

Though, ultimately, this is a place of harmony and balance.

I'm of the mind that everyone is simultaneously a teacher and a student. That is the true spirit of this group, to simultaneously teach and learn.

Link here.

This is the largest Indigo group I've found with some sort of semblance of direction and purpose.  There's drama but the moderator is fair.  There's lots of information, and there's good people to network with here.  I used to engage in this group a lot, but haven't as much lately.