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IndigoSociety Mission Statement

IndigoSociety.com is a community for indigo's and related spiritualists. Indigosociety.com offers resources and kindness so that our visitors can discover new things, and ask things they've always wondered.

Who are we?

IndigoSociety.com is owned, managed, and created by Daniel Fischer. The only "staff member" and I believe he needs help. Only those who need help would type in third person. *laugh*

Website hardware, graciously hosted by Zoints, the hardware is managed by a system admin from Zoints.

Our web-developer, Daniel does all the site coding and designing.

IndigoSociety Timeline
  • 2006 - Site is launched
About the Creator of IndigoSociety.com

Daniel Fischer, age 18.

All of my life, ever since I was a young kid, I've been around spiritual people. Honestly, I was a little freaked out at times. i never really understood what was going on, or what people would say around me. I thought it was crazy, it made no sense, or if it were true it would hold things I don't understand, and not understanding was scary for me.

Over time I remember my father telling me "I had a mission in life", many spiritual people from random places along my journey have told me similar things. One of the most common things I hear in my lifetime from "spiritualists" would be "You have the energy of a leader", "Are you an Indigo Child?", "Your aura is a very deep blue", "I believe you are an Indigo Child", "You seem to have 'sight' as an ability", "Be prepared to lead the fight against evil". These are all very common statements I've heard from completely random people. All of them happening more than once, so eventually I really had to sit down and think.

When I really started to think about it, I came to the conclusion there really can't be that many "coincidences" to hear those things ALL of my life. There had to be truth to it. I also seemed to do my little "smirk/laugh" when I heard these things, and that "smirk/laugh" of mine is only done by me when something is true. It's something I've noticed about me over time. I assume that's a connection to my "sight" that I've always heard about.

In my lifetime I also realized, and really noticed I was different from others. I seemed to be more "aware". I didn't know why this was, but after learning and having this knowledge about spirituality, indigos, and "new age" philosophies, I have understood a lot about what is going on and why I feel different than most people.

More here.

I haven't put much time or effort into this site.  It looks good though.