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On Indigo

Dear Colors Awakening Readers,

Wow has the past year been a roller-coaster.  I'm sorry I haven't updated in this community much. 

Indigo is deeply personal.  It's something that is part of the search in life.  It's spiritual in nature, and as such, can be something that can be radically misinterpreted by those who one wants to communicate with.  It isn't meant to be that.  The best way to communicate this is just letting others pursue their own search on their own terms.  I would encourage the search, because the sooner you learn to hold your colors, the better.  I would advise against waiting for Saturn to force you to mature.  If you have specific questions, I will honor them with answers.  Use the email address I provide here.

I will not preach or evangelize.  That is the antithesis of what I'm about.  I would rather provide information (or hyperlink) and let individuals determine for their own.  This sort of thing requires personal interpretation and reflection, for it is spiritual in nature.  More of an awakening, becoming aware of the colors in life.

A lot of my own personal path with indigo can be read on my own livejournal under the indigo tag.  There's both information and creativity.  I have more information under the awakening the colors tag on my journal as well.  I'm still wondering what exactly to do with this community, but I guess it'll come in time.  More information on indigo will always be available in my own journal, as it's been a part of my own path, and my journal (blog) may as well be a detail of my path of becoming.

Seek, and ye shall find.  You reap what you sow.  What goes around, comes around.  It's all karma.  :)

With Love