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Awakening the Colors

a starting point of initiation

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This is a community designed for independent thought and critical awareness. This is not a place for drama or personal attacks. If you desire to stimulate critical thought, phrase your thought in the form of a question as to provoke thought, not emotional backlash.

Some of the questions may be hard and you can chose to not answer them. Life is experiential and there are things that the mind cannot rationally explain. Scientific methodology can certainly explain a lot, but there must be acknowledgment that there are some things that the human mind cannot grasp.

The purpose of this community to establish an inclusive network of independent spirits. It is individuals who drive and shape the future.

It is also a purpose of the community to help individuals find their role, identity and pursuit of happiness. Roles are as unique as the individuals, so respect the individual.

Any flames will be deleted. You get three chances before a moderator bans you permanently with zero negotiation. This is a constructive community and moderators will not tolerate drama. If you want to discuss something that might get you banned, do it in your own journal and not here.

Yes, "flaming" is open to interpretation. Moderators reserve the right to their own interpretation. So behave.

The tenets tag includes writing that attempts to scatter the darkness on the indigo-colored hue of the spectrum.

Philosophy is posted about, as it is always how we interact with our consciousness.

As well provoking the colors has some interesting things as well.